Friday, January 9, 2015

3 Year Cost of Operation on My Chevy Volt!

Hello, all!  I know I've gone into hiding.  It just seems as though things have been working out great for the electric car, and I can let other people do some of the heavy lifting ;)  2014 was a record year for electric car sales, nearly reaching 120,000 cars in a single year.  I think its a safe bet we'll beat it next year, even as gas prices as in a decline (in my opinion, temporarily).  There are just too many benefits of driving electric, and more and more people are seeing that.

With that said, here is my personal 3 year cost of operation report.  You will notice that I've burned some gas in the last year.  It is what happened when you renovate two homes that are over 2 hours away.  A lot of driving :)  It is just what makes the Volt so special, however.   Limitless range!

I have a major project I am working on.  I am attempting to have a 6 Kilowatt solar system installed on my home.  I'm not sure why I didn't do this sooner.  It will cost me, after tax credits, about $6,000, and the system will raise the value of my house by over $16,000, and generate over $1,000 in electricity each year!!  Why didn't I do this sooner?

Anyway, here is the report!


  1. Congrats on the 3 years! When you say you put "some" gas miles and they total a mere 8% of the total, are you mocking the rest of us? ;)

    Yeah, the 6kW solar panels for $6K are a great deal. Maybe you can post more about it when you have it up and running.

  2. I read your Volt blog and appreciate all the valuable information you provide.

    I felt obligated to thank you for the information and share my reverse story.
    In my case,I'm just the opposite of your scenario . I renovated an abandoned 1/2 finished house on 5 acres in Woodstock, Illinois and made it LEED Gold certified (hence a Green Home) with 5 KW of Solar in the state of Illinois. Yes it can even happen in the Chicago area.
    During the summer and swing months we are happy to say we are NetZero electric (with two high efficiency gas furnaces) and generating some excess electricity.

    Like your estimate for 6KW. My system for 5KW cost $6,000 with rebates and tax credits in 2012. My blog is at "Dudek Woodstock LEED Home Adventure" to share my experience with others and inspire people to do the same.

    It's the only blog I have ever written, so the grammar is not great and software formatting was very difficult to work with. It too 3 years to renovate doing most of the work myself.

    The technology content is great however. We gave tours under construction with the Green Building Council.

    Thanks for sharing,

    I was looking at buying a 2012 Volt (w/ 26,000 miles) and worried about the maintenance cost of a Volt. Your blog and reviews from two friends have convinced me to buy a used Volt.

    I'm going to buy it this weekend.


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