Monday, January 28, 2013

Buying a Volt: It's an American thing, not a Republican or Democrat thing...

An interesting poll is currently underway on  The poll is soliciting responses for those who own a Volt or are strongly considering owning one, asking "Did you vote for Obama or not?"  Presumably, the original intent of the poster was to find out who is registered as a Republican or Democrat, but as evidenced in the thread, there are a few self-professed Republicans that voted for Obama.  Nevertheless, while the poll isn't scientific, and is not as clear cut as I would like (Are you a registered Democrat, Republican, or Independent would have been better), the results still say a lot.

With just over 100 votes collected, the poll is evenly split.

I am sure to most Volt owners, this is a 'duh' moment.  But it seems to many in the media, and those blogging critically on the Volt, that owning a Volt is like having a drivable billboard advertising that you are a hardcore tree hugging liberal (I am using that term affectionately here, not intended as derogatory).  While there are plenty of those types of people that drive the Volt and other electrics, there are plenty of Volt driving Republicans that would disagree with that assertion.

I have long wondered how it is possible so many Republican leaders have gotten the 'electric car' issue completely wrong, pigeoning it as a left wing environmentalists brain child.   It's not even close to the truth.  Especially for the Volt, when it was pioneered by conservative GOPer, Bob Lutz, that professed he didn't believe in global warming.

This poll, while small, should be a wakeup call.  More and more Republicans, like myself, are rejecting undisciplined and unintelligent platforms, especially as it pertains to energy.  Republican leadership risks alienating more and more people, like me, when they spout and support ignorant and incomplete assessments or our country's dire energy situation.  They also risk being on the wrong side of history, and I think that's going to happen a lot sooner than expected.

As I tell critics, you could believe the entire environmental movement is complete crock, that global warming is a hoax, and that electric cars provide no benefit to the environment over traditional gas guzzlers, and STILL support this country making a concerted effort to significantly diversify our country away from oil and towards electric.  I explained all of my reasoning to this endeavor back in my first post.

The electrification movement is an 'American thing', and the sooner the thought leaders in my party get on board, the better it will be for all of us.


  1. Amen. I'm an enthusiastic 1994 Republican but I feel I have very little in common with what passes for conservatism today. So this past November, I, a lifelong Republican that bought a Volt in March of 2011, voted for a Democrat for the first time in my life (straight ticket Dem, if you really want to know).

    I came to purchase my Volt for many of the reasons you did but I also trust the scientific method and thus also had peak oil and AGW on my mind as I made the plunge. While the Volt is almost $10,000 more than I ever spent on a car (and that is AFTER the tax rebate) I knew I had the disposable income to get my actions a little more in line with my values and so the Volt was a relative no brainer.

    The fact that it is just fun to drive and saves me about $2,000 a year over the operating cost of my previous car are huge bonuses.

    And for the record, I love oil. I love it so much I wish to use it wisely and keep it around to be used by many generations in the future.

  2. yes, I like! Though people just wouldn't realize this upon reading it I'm afraid. The large majority wouldn't. I guess that why we''d rather concentrate on a Chevy dealership in Waynesboro, VA.