Thursday, June 21, 2012

Truth Matters: A Compendium of Volt and EV related articles

I come across articles weekly that speak to the truth of electric vehicles, and soundly debunk the arguments posed by the anti EV crowd.  I am creating this living blog entry in order to keep track of all this research in hopes it will aid others as they hopefully engage in thoughtful debates with opponents of electrification.  Granted, that isn't always possible.  But I hope this blog will supply you with facts, not rhetoric.

If you want to contribute a link to this article, please comment below and I'll add it in the appropriate section.  Please report broken links.

Subsidy Issues Examined:

Mackinac Electric Vehicle Study
The following links examine the exaggerated and factually incorrect report that states each tax payer is paying 250k for each Volt sold.

Indirect Subsidies to support our nation, and its reliance to oil

Government Accountability Office examines various government and non government expenses for Military Protection of Middle Eastern Crude; Concludes about 30 billion a year has been spent.

Academic Analysis of U.S. Military Expenditures to Protect the use of Persian-Gulf Oil for Motor Vehicles

Volt Sales Not from Fleet or Government

Fleet sales at bottom

Less than 2% of total sales YTD are to the government (includes military)

Domestic Drilling

Drilling won't lower gas prices.  It will reduce the foreign trade deficit, but that is about it

The Environmental Effects of Electric Cars

In a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists, they concluded that electric vehicles are far cleaner than the average car in even the most polluted power grids, but are far better than even 50 MPG cars in the cleanest states.

Battery Issues

Battery prices are falling sharply

Lithium prices are up, but this has little effect on battery prices

New study supporting 'prices of batteries are going to come down greatly over time'

Batteries to be Recycled:

Grid Impact Issues

Many studies have been conducted.  The basic conclusions of these studies are that while EVs will present certain challenges to power providers, there are many things that can be done overcome the challenge, and that we can support a large adoption of EVs with proper planning.

EPIRI Study:

KEMA Study

Volt Sales

The Chevy Volt will outsell the Corvette in 2012

The Chevy Volt is the number one selling electric car, and outselling almost every other hybrid being produced

The TOP four traded cars are all foreign cars, and include the BMW 3 series

No, Virginia, Fleet sales are not inflating Volt sales [read the article, not the link]

Foolish Predictions

Read this CATO article published back in 2001 about a car that is now the number 3 top selling car in the United States

The Volt Fire Controversy

Both Garage Fires that were occupied with Volts ruled out as likely cause by both fire marshals (as well as NHTSA, GM, insurance companies, and other investigators)

NHTSA Conclusion that the Volt is safe

Popular Mechanics: Don't worry about the battery

Chevy Volt Cost

Snopes debunks one of the most outrageous email chains going, stating that electric vehicles cost 7x the cost of gas to operate

Is the Volt Too Affordable?

User provided Total Cost of Ownership Links

Misc Websites

The average Chevy Volt owner gets 120+ MPG combined

Lots of EV myths discussed here

Fox News segment how the Volt will help win the war on terror

Chevy Volt:  One of the most awarded cars on the road

This is a list of 'Upscale Midsize Vehicles' in which the Volt best some the nicest cars in the world

Foreign Trade Deficit as it relates to oil

The biggest Volt Owner forum

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