Sunday, March 4, 2012

Operating Costs compared to other cars

I hang this outside of my office, and try to update it once a week.  Since everyone likes to compare this car to the Chevy Cruze, with gas averaging something around $3.75 a gallon, here are some comparisons to other cars.    I believe the nationwide average MPG is 22, which is included as the last comparison.  You can see how significant the gas savings can be.

Minor correction.  The chart below is 'as of 3/3/2012'

Since this is two months use, if I take these numbers and extrapolate them to a year, this is how much gas the various cars would burn:

Toyota Prius ~ 400 gallons

Chevy Cruze ~700 gallons

(displayed 750 gallon tank because I couldnt find a good 700)

ANY car that gets 22 MPG ~900 gallons (pictured is a 1000 gallon tank- couldnt find a good 900)

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